As of Dec. 2013, I will be collecting reviews from students and parents to post on the site. Dozen of people have tried to post reviews on the google places map and have not been able to get them up. The main impediment has been that in order to post you must have a google plus account. Most people I know do not want one and I respect their choice. All upcoming reviews will have an email contact so that they can be authenticated and be of use to potential clients, Thanks, Dan Chamberlin

August 3, 2017:

My son, Adam, has been a bass guitar student of Dan’s for over six years. During that time I have watched Adam’s musical interests and abilities grow under Dan’s direction. Dan is a gifted musician and teacher. He brings a wealth of musical knowledge along with patience, alacrity, and a positive attitude to the studio each and every lesson. He worked tirelessly with Adam on school jazz band audition and performance pieces in addition to the current music Adam enjoys.As Adam progressed through middle school and high school and his schedule became somewhat cluttered with school band, college applications and a part time job he refused to give up a lesson with Dan (not even for a week) and Dan could not have been more accommodating and flexible in scheduling lessons.

Dan gives freely of his own time organizing and conducting recitals for his students. During the recitals the students enjoy showcasing their favorite piece for the audience while parents enjoy watching their child perform. In conjunction with friend and drum instructor, Jim Hines, Dan also holds periodic jam sessions for interested students.Although, my son has chosen to study biology as opposed to music at college this fall his bass, amp, and musical skills (bestowed by Dan) will take up residence in his dorm and act as a gateway for Adam to meet new friends.

Thank you, Dan, for working patiently and diligently with him. The gift of music you have imparted will stay with him through life. And now onto me and that keyboard!

Donna Tomcho (


Dec 10th 2013: Dan does great job working with kids. He is extremely patient and understands that each kid is different. Dan’s love for music is evident in his teaching and that enthusiasm resonates with the students. I highly recommend Dan based on my experience”    Dennis Bell


Dec 27th 2013: My son and I have been taking guitar lessons from Dan for the last three years, and could not imagine having a more passionate, dedicated, patient, and gifted teacher.  Dan really ‘spoils’ us, and each of his students–he writes and teaches any song you like–country, rock, pop, jazz, classical–to make learning interesting and fun.  We have introduced Dan to many of our friends, and all of the kids love him (so do the parents)!  For you 40-or-50-somethings who have always wanted to play guitar (but think it’s too late, or are just procrastinating), Dan is the perfect teacher.  Dan has brought music into our lives in a big way, and we are truly grateful.

Chris, Johanna, Max and Emme Hager
Newtown, PA


Feb 2, 2014: Our son Jake is in fifth grade and has been playing guitar since he was in first grade. Dan is Jake’s third instructor and my wife and I feel fortunate to have found him.  Not just his knowledge of music but his patience and tone of voice have helped our son progress to the best of his ability. In Jake’s words “He has a way of making the hard parts of songs easier to learn and because he knows so many songs he can always fine one I like“.

 As a parent that believes that a music education is a special gift that will be with you for your entire life. A gift that will entertain friends. A gift you can turn to when your happy or sad. A gift you are sure to be thankful for… once the hard work is done. It’s difficult to convey the value of music to a young child that just wants to play ball or a video game or watch TV. It’s Dan’s job to keep music fun and help the kids through the many difficult and frustrating times and he does this well.
Thank you Dan, for all that you do!
Rick and Janice Stranix

March 6, 2014:

My son has been taking guitar lessons for 7 years, but his passion for music surfaced in the last two years with Dan as his teacher.  Dan has worked with him on his school music, as well as, introduce him to “oldies” and “classics” such as the Beatles.  Dan encourages creativity and succeeds in making music fun.
Lavi Brocato

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